Five ways GNU\Linux is Better than Vista

Hi folks, its been 9 months since the release of Vista, and OEM’s have started giving Windows XP as an option for preinstalled Vista Products…. Seems like Customers are not that impressed with Vista. Well Here’s an article I found on TuxMachines. It compares GNU\Linux with Vista and how it is better than Vista….

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Stallman: If you want freedom don’t follow Linus Torvalds

Sir Richard StallmanWhile browsing through the article’s from Linx Today, I found this very interesting Interview with Sir

Richard Stallman, The founder of the Free Software Foundation.

Please don’t call GNU ‘Linux’,” says Richard Stallman, He also asks readers whether they will fight for freedom or be too lazy to resist.

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AMD Barcelona vs Intel Harpertown

On September 10 2007 AMD launched Opteron 23xx based on the “Barcelona Core”. AMD will be releasing Desktop Processors based on Barcelona somewhere near December 2007, They call it “AMD PHENOM”. Well AnandTech tested the New Barcelona and Pitched it against the recently released Intel Xenon based on New “Harpertown” here’s a link of the article

Easiest Way to Install Linux….

WUBI is a package that helps you install Ubuntu from the Windows Environment just like you install any software in Windows. It lets you Install/Unninstall Ubuntu like any other application in Windows. No need to Partition your Hard disk. Its The safest way to Linux.

Here are few Screenshots…

Wubi Installer WUBI is done with the InstallationUbuntu

And all this without using any Virtualization Software….

To download WUBI click here.

Jazz up openSuSE 10.2 with Compiz Fusion…


Whoever tries out GNU\Linux for the first time their reaction is “NICE! Great Desktop and ICON Themes and you can install a whole lot more themes, icons, Login Screens, MAC like Dashboard, Screenlets etc… and its a whole lot easier than in Windows,where in you have to either install a third party software which is paid, or you end up editing the DLL’s.


But the Best thing that happened to GNU/Linux Desktop is Compiz Fusion…. You must have seen many videos on You tube displaying the power or Compiz Fusion… it you haven’t check out my blog for the story “What happened to Vista WOW!”


Coming to the main topic of Installing Compiz Fusion in openSUSE 10.2

Well ther are many blogs out there explaining how to setup Compiz Fusion, but I think the best one and that worked for me too was from the openSuSE Community itself. It Gives a Step by Step procedure to setup Compiz Fusion in KDE as well as GNOME. Click openSuSE Community to get the page.

Let me know if that worked for you, and if you need any help just add a comment….


How SDRAM Works

Have you ever wondered how the SDRAM in our Computer works? Here’s an article for all of those who wanted to know….

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WideScreen Wallpapers

Amazing Widescreen Wallpapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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