Addressing the State of the Linux Union

Linux is often thought to be all about collaboration and contribution to a project. Yet the community doesn’t always get along, even as Linux’s supporters are enjoying new levels of success against entrenched proprietary vendors like Microsoft.


To assess where Linux is today, to help hammer out some of the divisive issues in the community, and to sort through Linux’s own complex relationship with vendors like Microsoft, the Linux Foundation is hosting the invitation-only Linux Collaboration Summit in San Francisco. At the event, which begins today, the state of the Linux union — and the community’s take on collaboration, contribution and competition — will be on the table for discussion.


Solving these issues is becoming increasingly critical as the Linux community enjoys unprecedented prominence in the enterprise, as well as the prospect of continued growth. Recent research from IDC found that Linux is poised to gain during the current economic downturn, a prediction that Linux vendor Red Hat is already bearing out with its latest financial results.


“Linux remains in a two-horse race with Windows, but we’re finding Linux growing at two to three times the rate of Windows,” Jim Zemlin, the Linux Foundation’s executive director, told “We see this growth happening as a result of three main factors: the economy, mobile computing and cloud computing.”


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