Guide to setup Multimedia Applications in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn…

After Ubuntu Feisty Fawn is setup, it comes to your notice that you cannot play your MP3’s or any of the compressed Videos, DVD etc. Your search for a CD/DVD burning application turns up nothing. Heres a brief guide to setup these applications.

The first thing you should do is to get Automatix2 for Feisty from To install it just double click, give the root password and Debi package Installer will popup and and install it for you.

Then go to Applications > System Tools> Automatix2 in menubar. From the List of the applications select those you’d like to install.

1.VLC Media Player
2.Brasero CD/DVD Burning Application.
3.AUD Codecs. (Include all the codecs to play MP3, Xvid, Quicktime, DVD, MP4, DIVX and others)
5.Exaile Media Player
6.Real Media Player

and click Apply. This will download and install the selected applications.

There are other set of codecs called the “Gstreamer set” that you can download from the Add Remove menu from the Applications Menubar.

When the windows pops up it asks you to reload or refrest the database. Make sure you’re connected to internet and click reload. After that search for Gstreamer with view options set to All Applications.

Select the following:
1.Gstreamer Bad set
2.Gstreamer Ugly set.
And click Apply. This will download and install the Applications.

Now you can play all your multimedia contents. For Music you have Exaile!, for videos and DVD’s you have VLC Media Player, Totem, Mplayer, Real Player.



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