Few GNOME Applications….

Unlike KDE, GNOME comes with very few applications and that too with the very basic feature set. e.g. Nautilus CD Burner, RythmBox. On the KDE front there is K3B Burning Application (it is as good as Nero), Amarok (a full featured Music Jukebox comparable to iTunes). GNOME lacks such applications. There are many applications that are good, feature rich and have a good interface that can be included into GNOME.

Music Jukebox:

Exaile! (http://www.exaile.org)Exaile
This is a python based Music jukebox and is comparable to Amarok. It’s got all the features like Music Library with Search, Album Art Cover Display, Nice OSD, Podcasting and Radio Support, Last.fm, and many other plugins…

When any of the track is playing it download all the available information for the track and the Album which includes Lyrics, Album Art Cover, Band History, other Albums by the Artists and much more….


This is a Mono based Music Jukebox has features similar to Exaile!. It is supported by Novell. In its latest version 0.12.x they have included Music recommendation which automatically displays the Artist that you might want to
listen to depending on the Genre, Artist, of track you frequently play…

CD Burning Application:


Brasero is a very easy to use CD Burning Application. Though it is not as good as K3B but is good enough for burning CD/DVD. It has Multisession Support, can burn images, Audio Disks etc. Its interface is very well laid out and takes no time to get used to it.


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