What happened to WOW!!

Well its been a month since the release of Windows Vista, and more than the WOW!, the security issues and vulnerability in Vista are in the News, So much that Microsoft will be releasing a Service Pack 1 soon. The WOW! Factor which Microsoft was counting on has faded way too early. Now what did Microsoft said while the Launch “The Most Secure Windows Ever”. Didn’t they said the same during Windows XP’s Launch?

Many of the security related features in Vista are taken straight from MAC and Linux. The WOW effects in Vista are limited and DO NOT help increase productivity. Take a look at Beryl, Compiz Fusion or Metisse where along with the eyecandy, there are plugins which actually help increase productivity.

Compiz Fusion Demo….(Its still in Alpha!!!!)

Metisse Copy paste Demo(ONLY IN 2 CLICKS!!!!!!)

Consider the amount of resources required for Vista. It need atleast 2GHZ CPU,1GB of RAM and 64MB onboard RAM 3D Graphics card with Direct X9.0c(min) support to run all the eyecandy, 15GB of HDD for the Installation alone. Let alone the other softwares that are required to be installed viz. Office productivity tools, PDF Reader, Photo Editor, Good Games…..

Compare that with a Linux distro, Say openSuSE 10.2, it needs 1GHz of CPU, 512 MB of RAM, 10GB HDD space for installation (Includes all the required softwares like GIMP(Photoshop alternative), OpenOffice.org(MS Office alternative), F-Spot(MS Photoviewer alternative), and may more Games).
And a decent onboard Graphics with 64 MB share memory to run Beryl smoothly. And this is one of the most resource hogger distro… think of Ubuntu Feisty or Arch Linux.

The Last but certainly not the least is the price, you can get Vista w/o support and Manual for $199 while openSuSE 10.2 is FREE….

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2 Responses to “What happened to WOW!!”

  1. BELHOB Says:

    Nice work dude…

  2. sandeep Says:

    havnt tried vista so cant compare performance of the two but linux rokzzz………

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