Ubuntu Feisty Fawn….. Best Distro till date..

The first Ubuntu Linux that I tried  was version 5.04. It lasted on my Computer for like an hour.

That time I was hungup on Fedora Core 3. Now Fedora was good but as it was growing up from one version to another, it started loosing its charm. I wanted a distro that would work out of the box. The first thing that I liked about Ubuntu was the Live CD concept, very useful.

It booted very fast and was easy to use and came with all the latest software.

As I said I was looking for out of box experience,I wanted to be able to play my mp3’s, videos, without a hitch…but since Ubuntu bundles opensource softwares only no wonder it was not able to play my Music and videos. I didn’t wanted to go through all the pains of editing sources.lst and updating Database, Download and Install Automatix, even if I wanted to,with dialup connection this was out of question, and so I decieded to get back to Fedora.

Now though Fedora didnt include mp3 or video Codecs, I had Xine rpms and xmms mp3 plugin. Used FC3 for quite a long time, then came FC4 and Iwas very dissappointed coz now my Xine rpms didnt work here. Ubuntu it was not an option this time.Then I came to know that Novell took over SuSE and is making a community driven distro called SuSE Linux 10.

This was the first SuSE Linux I tried, and got to know why it is one of the Best distro. Its Interface was new and vibrant, had all he applications i’ll ever need, for codecs and mp3 I had to download the RPMs which was very easy through YUMEX, and the download were small too as the SuSE DVD had all the supporting libraries. I hardly tried other distros. Then came openSuSE 10.1,10.2 and it was better than ever.I was very much sure that no other Distro would be this easy and feature rich.

On April 19th 2007 Ubuntu’s most awaited Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu7.04) was released.

Ubuntu Festy Login

I did’nt wanted to give it a try but was tired of waiting for the next release of openSuSE ie 10.3 which is slated to release in September 2007 and openSuSE 10.2 was old by now. So I Setup Ubuntu 7.04. The Installation was the fastest I ever did with any other Distro. The Migration Tool detected my Windows XP User and Imported Settings and documents, in under 15 min the entire setup was done. Then I thought I will have to add repos to sources.lst and enable a few other already included. But Now Ubuntu has a gui for the same VERY NICE!!…. Fired up Synaptic Manager Downloaded Automatix2. This I think is the Best tool for Ubuntu. Downloaded all the necessary applications in 1 go,(and I didn’t even had to give ant commands through Console.) . Ubuntu was setup with all the required applications in about an Hour and 40 mins VERY NEAT!!!!!!

Ubuntu Desktop

It booted in 30 secs Flat…. This was the Fastest and the simplest of all Distros I ever tried and

that includes openSuSE. I think every other distro should follow the same route….

Feisty Fawn is the Best Distro…….

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  1. Amit Kulkarni Says:

    Hey rohit, it seems that u have given lot of tries for these new OSs. Would be good to hear latest news from u about installation and running diff. applications on SuSE L10.


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